Monday, December 9, 2013

New Phone

After three years, I replaced my phone.  While the old one still worked okay, it was running a very old version of Android (Eclair), and I couldn't download much in the way of new apps.  That would've been okay, but I also worried that the apps I did use would be updated to require a newer version of Android.

Anyway, I've been weighing my options for a few months, and it ultimately came down to a three horse race: the HTC One, the Nexus 5, or the iPhone 5s.

The first is getting close to the point its successor will be released.  I really considered the Nexus, but when I heard Google won't be upgrading Galaxy Nexus phones (only two years old) to the newest version of Android, I lost a little bit of interest.

Finally, there was the iPhone.  The iPhone 4, released three years ago, got the iOS7 upgrade, and I've really liked my iPad in the year I've had it.

So I took the plunge.  This is the first official photo of the Kissing Couple of Grande Prairie taken with my iPhone 5s.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Sick Week Wonderings

So, why is it that when you need something the most, you're unable to get it?  I've been sick for three days now.  I know that, more than anything, getting some extra sleep and eating something will help me get better soon.  With that knowledge in hand, I've tried.

Wednesday:  I was home sick, dozed/slept for most of the day (~10-5), but barely managed to eat a small amount of yogurt in the morning, and couldn't even finish a carrot for supper.  Then I woke up around 1:30 in the morning and tossed, turned and dozed while having weird and frustrating fever dreams until nearly 5:00.  If Amanda hadn't gotten up to get me some Tylenol and milk, I'm not sure what would've happened.  But thanks to her, I finally *slept*.

Thursday:  I was home sick again, but was joined by Amanda this time.  I managed some yogurt in the afternoon and ended up just cooking Kraft Dinner and hot dogs for us because it seemed like something both easy to make and easy to eat.  Then I went to bed, where I tossed and turned for a really long time before giving up and taking some melatonin.  (It normally works pretty well for me on sleepless nights, but it tends to give me vivid dreams, and after the weird dreams I had the previous night, I really wasn't eager to take it).  I finally fell asleep, but woke up nearly two hours before our alarms were set to go off, and couldn't fall back asleep.

Tonight:  it's after midnight, I've been up since ~5:00, and I know I need some sleep, but I'm pretty much wide awake.

So, let me reiterate my original question:  why is it that when you need something the most, you're unable to get it?