Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Honeymoon Part 3

Today was a shopping day! Right after breakfast, Amanda and I headed out to find Old Navy, and wandered from there to nearby businesses that seemed interesting. We ended up buying a bunch of clothes and visiting Ikea in the process. After supper, we did something I planned on doing during each of our previous trips to Edmonton: visit the Strathcona County Public Library. I applied for a job there about a year and a half ago, and have been curious about the library ever since. Amanda and I were both impressed by it, but had to make our visit short because we arrived there only a half hour before closing.

It was a good day!

I've got two photos tonight -- one is of Amanda and me in a mirror at Ikea, and the other is Amanda trying on a leather jacket at an outlet store we visited.

Honeymoon Part 2

Day two of our honeymoon was spent wandering. Amanda and I saw that some galleries in Edmonton had some interesting shows going on, so we walked for a while and checked them out.  Then we spent the afternoon along Whyte Avenue, having lunch at Julio's and doing a little shopping. We didn't have to rush, and we were able to spend much more time in a few areas we had to rush through on our last trip.

The two photos at the bottom of this post were bookends for the day. I started by getting a photo of Amanda outside of our hotel, and ended with a photo of us together outside of an underwear store with a funny name.

We had a lot of fun, and I hope today is just as good!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Honeymoon Part 1

Amanda and I are off on our honeymoon! We took this photo together yesterday when we stopped in Whitecourt for a quick washroom break and to trade off driving duties. Amanda drove the final stretch and I navigated us through Edmonton, first to Olive Garden (yay!) and then to our hotel.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 27, 2013

July 27, 2013

On this day, Amanda Marlene Buchan and Jacob Llewellyn Fehr (aka. the Kissing Couple of Grande Prairie) were married. It was the best day of our lives.

Tomorrow, or... today

This is it. In thirteen hours, I'll be marrying Amanda. The last 10 months have been quite a ride. It's been wonderful to have Amanda as my fiancée, and tomorrow she'll finally be my wife.

I'm excited.

I'm not nervous right now though. I think all the stress of the wedding preparations over the past month in particular has inadvertently kept me from being nervous about marrying Amanda.

So before I watch Amanda walk down the aisle and say "I do", I want to thank everyone who supported unconditionally and helped us to prepare for the wedding.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

THE Song

So... Amanda and I went looking for the perfect rendition of Here Comes the Bride tonight. I vetoed any version that was heavy on organs -- organ music feels like it is really out of place outside of church. I (jokingly) suggested all sorts of techno, rock, and dance versions, most of which resulted in Amanda making faces at me.

The version Amanda went with is very appropriate for an outdoor wedding (which we're still hoping to do), but it'll work just fine inside the hall if the weather forces us to have the ceremony indoors.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Last Minute Tasks

We're down to the wire, and only last minute stuff is left. I want to make up a simple itinerary to send to wedding attendees by e-mail, and we still have to buy pop, juice, and water on Thursday. Amanda and I started making the reception playlist, and we've got to finish that up still.

We'll make it. That said, July 29th and our five hour drive to Edmonton will seem incredibly relaxing!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Only a week

It's only a week away at this point.  One week from now, I'll be trying to sleep, completely excited and absolutely freaking out about the next day. One week from now, our wedding rehearsal and dinner afterward will have finished, and everyone will just be waiting for the next day.

Holy cow.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Making the Playlist

I've talked about it more than a few times on this blog, but I finally started working on our reception playlist tonight.  Amanda fell asleep a little bit early tonight and I wasn't quite ready to nod off, so I started putting songs into a playlist.  It's an extremely rough-cut playlist, as I was mostly putting in anything I thought I'd enjoy hearing during the reception.  Maybe tomorrow night after her final dress fitting, Amanda and I will sit down together, weed out any songs that either of us think may be questionable for the reception, and then start adding music from her computer to the list as well.

Oh, and we have to find a rendition of Here Comes the Bride that we like too.  :-)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Two Weeks

We're down to just two weeks now. Two weeks from today, Amanda and I will be married. In fact, two weeks from now we'll be partying at our reception with friends and family, having just celebrated our six hour anniversary. That thought puts a real smile on my face. Amanda and I just passed the two year mark from our first date a few days ago. I moved to Grande Prairie just under a year ago, and we've been engaged for nearly ten months. I can't imagine being anywhere else, or wanting to be with anyone else.

That said, there are still some weird moments. There are days I lay in bed wondering how things ever ended up this I way, and how amazing it is that I'm nearly married. Sometimes when I'm with Amanda's family, our friends, or the members of the roundtable group, I sit there thinking "how did you people end up as part of my life?"

At any rate, there are only two weeks until I'm married.

Yay! :-D

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pre-Wedding Fashion Show

Amanda ordered some stuff from Old Navy online, so I'm currently watching a bit of a fashion show. T-shirts and shorts and scarves, oh my!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Movie Night --Despicable Me 2

When Amanda and I watched Star Trek: Into Darkness, we saw the trailer for Despicable Me 2. Amanda laughed at the trailer, told me we had to go see it, and spent the last two months randomly saying "bee-doh bee-doh bee-doh" to imitate the minions on the trailer.

I'd never seen the first movie though. So when we were at Future Shop last weekend, Amanda and I picked up the first movie. I enjoyed it, Amanda loved it, and we were all set for the sequel.

It was great. The story was fun, the minions cracked us both up, and it was a pretty good take on the "reluctant guy meets a girl" story too. Oh, and the scene during the credits was funny, and had some of the better 3d effects we've ever seen.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Medium-Size Stuff, Done!

I took the afternoon off and finished up the last two medium size things we needed to finish prior to the wedding. I booked our catering, and it should be delicious. Booking that restaurant was painless, and I'm sure our guests will enjoy their food.

I also got our liquor license and bought most of the alcohol we'll need for the wedding, which was an odd experience. I never took my first drink until I was 30 years old, and so never went on beer runs while I was at university. As a result, it was very odd to load my car up with alcohol. I took a photo of it while my little hatchback was crammed full of beer, wine, and coolers, and it looked incredibly weird.

Anyway, we're basically down to small stuff for the wedding. The last three weeks of preparation should (knock wood) be fairly straightforward.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Zomg Wedding Preparations

Amanda and I sat down after supper to plan some of the final things out for the wedding. We were at it for over an hour. There are two or three medium things along with approximately 18.7 trillion small things left to do in the next 23 days.

Yeah -- we're barely over three weeks away from our wedding. To make things more interesting, I have to work all weekend, and due to my program schedule, cannot take off other adjacent days as I would normally. Instead, I'm taking Friday afternoon off and I'll be visiting a restaurant and liquor store to try to wrap up the last two medium things on the to do list.

We have time to get this stuff done. I know we do. I also know that if we magically had an extra month of time before the wedding, most of these things would be left alone for that month because we wouldn't want to have to store everything for seven plus weeks.

Still...  July 27th is going to arrive in a hurry. Buckle up Amanda. :-)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sunny Sunshine Happiness

Amanda and I took this photo together during an incredibly sunny afternoon this weekend while walking to the mall. It was really nice out, Amanda's hair was shining, and I think the photo turned out pretty good!