Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Only Real Surprise

So, like our friends and family, Amanda and I are excited for Baby Fehr to be born, in part, so we'll finally know whether we have a son or a daughter.  Way back when the possibility of finding out the baby's sex first arose, Amanda and I talked about it and decided to wait until Baby Fehr was born.

I always thought it was more dramatic that way, and honestly, what's wrong with colours like green and orange for the baby rather than going all-in on blues or pinks based on gender?

Amanda had a different perspective on it.  She pointed out that there are so few real surprises left in life.  Movie plots are all-but given away online to entice viewers.  New product announcements are met with muted shrugs.  And once you're past a certain age, guessing birthday gifts isn't just possible, but likely.

But this is something we don't know, and can't guess with any certainty.  Sure, the ultrasound technician may know, but without actually asking her, there's no way for us to find out on our own.  It's great!

Amanda and I have actually made a bet.  I bet her five dollars that Baby Fehr is a girl, and she bet that Baby Fehr is a boy.  We've definitely noticed it in the pronouns we use to refer to the baby.  I talk about what "she" is doing, while Amanda comments about what "he" is doing.

Anyway, it has been fun to wonder, guess, and debate.  We'll find out in a few short weeks!

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