Monday, April 27, 2015

What's in a Name?

So it's settled.  Amanda and I have decided on the two possible names for our baby -- one boy's name and one girl's name.  We've had the first names picked out for a while, but the middle names were in flux.  We had at least three good possibilities for the boy's middle name, and a few lesser possibilities for the girl's.

But then I had a thought the other day at work.  There was a name I had previously thrown out as a possibility for a girl's first name, mostly because I liked the shortened form of it.  But when I tried the full name as a middle name, it worked!  As an added bonus, that name includes the name of a family member whose name wouldn't work well as a middle name!

While we ate supper tonight, I suggested the new middle name to Amanda, and she liked it.  We agreed that we've got an official name if Baby Fehr is a girl.  But that left the boy's name.  We had a few good possibilities for middle names, Amanda suggested that one would be her first choice, and we decided to go with it.

So Baby Fehr has a name, whether she turns out to be a girl, or he turns out to be a boy! we just need to worry about other things like car seats, bassinettes, strollers, and other things.

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